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Not sure if you’ve heard, but The Blade Doctor has been under a bit of scrutiny as of late. It seems that there are other sharpeners in the NYS Capital Region who feel as though my husband, Gabriel, doesn’t know what he is doing, is infringing on their territory, etc. Some have even gone as far as making idle threats to slander his name. Oh yeah!

In my mind, I look at this as pure fear. These sharpeners must feel threatened at my husband’s knowledge, his work ethic and his overall performance. I can say, and I am not just being biased, that Gabriel is the best sharpener in the Capital Region. I can say this based on the stories he tells me after a day of sharpening, the comments and reviews I read, the amount of care I see in my husband for each blade he sharpens, and just by talking to the stylists when I do follow-up calls.

I hear his horror stories night after night of the chop shop sharpening of most (not all) of the sharpeners in the area. He has helped many stylists, barbers and groomers get their shears back in working order by performing miracle surgeries on their blades. Stylists that say, “I just had these sharpened. I don’t understand why they are bending hair.” Well, you see that shiny line along the edge of your shear? That’s called a bevel and Japanese shears should not have those.

I think the worst thing that my husband must deal with is the backlash he gets from these sharpeners when they find out he corrected their previous work. Whether they go back into the salon to find out they are not going to be sharpening there any more or hear through the grapevine that the salon found “a new guy;” These so-called professionals actually get upset that their work was “fixed” or that my husband takes the time to educate salon workers.

It has been eluded to my husband that sharpeners sharpen a certain way to make the customer come back more often for sharpening. Wait, WHAT?!?! That’s right… like a greasy car mechanic that loosens that bolt so you have to be back in his shop so he can make another buck off of you, some sharpeners do a shady sharpening job to ensure you have to get your shears sharpened more often. Now, don’t get me wrong; there are naïve sharpeners out there who truly believe they are doing a good job because that’s the way they were trained, because they don’t take the time to learn for themselves and rely/trust completely on their trainer. There are sharpeners who see absolutely nothing wrong with the way they sharpen or what they are doing to these stylists.

But not The Blade Doctor! Gabriel has what we call INTEGRITY. If your shears don’t look like new when sharpening is finished, then there is something wrong with your sharpener. Gabriel ensures precision sharpening for every shear he handles. He is not out to ruin your shear just so you can call him back in 2 or 3 weeks for another sharpening. I’ve made follow-up calls months later and stylists tell me their shears are still cutting like new; and that is how it should be. A proper sharpening should last a few months, not a few weeks. And convex shears should not be sharpened with a bevel. If your sharpener EVER tells you that your convex shear is only convex when it comes out of the factory, and that a bevel is the only way to properly sharpen a shear, walk away!

This is what makes sharpeners feel the most threatened and what sets The Blade Doctor apart; because Gabriel educates stylists so they can tell the difference and not be taken advantage of by other sharpeners. The reviews, the comments, the posts and shares on social media speak for themselves. Look up any other sharpener in the area. Do they have a Facebook page? Instagram? Even a website? The Blade Doctor does. Gabriel showcases his work so you, the stylist, can see for yourself and determine if The Blade Doctor is right for you. If any of the other sharpeners do have a Facebook page or website, why are there no before or after pics on those sites? Why are they not showing off their grand work for all to see? Maybe because the work is not so grand; maybe because their work is not worthy of being shown off. Think about it…

There aren’t that many sharpeners in the capital region. Do the research, look at the proof, see for yourself. The Blade Doctor will be the logical choice every time. The Blade Doctor will Bring Your Blades Back to Life!

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