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Shear Maintenance (Part II)

Your shears are your very livelihood. They cost two, three four hundred dollars or more. Help educate yourself so you don't get fooled b

Shear Maintenance (Part I)

Educating yourself to know how to take care of your shears is just as important as knowing how to cut hair or apply color.

A Sharp Knife Is A Safe Knife

Yes, this may seem like a bit of an oxymoron but it is, in fact, true. A knife becomes dull when constant pressure and use rolls the edge. The type of cutting board you use is one of the biggest culprits. Glass, granite, stone, or other hard surfaces should not be used as a cutting surface. These will roll the blade quickly and you will need your knives sharpened more often. Softer materials such as wood, bamboo or plastic will help prolong the life of your blade and lessen the need for constant sharpening. Once the edge of your knife has rolled and worn down, it is dull; it is difficult for it to slice through most items. Have you ever tried cutting a tomato with a dull knife? All you end u

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