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For your convenience, choose the service that is right for you...


The Blade Doctor is FULLY insured, including care and custody.

How many sharpeners can say that if they damage your blade, they can provide a replacement? How many sharpeners are able to go that extra mile to ensure your shears, knives, and other blades are protected?

On-Site Sharpening

Schedule an appointment for sharpening to be done at your business or home. No more worrying about shipping costs, possible damage in the mail, or traveling back and forth. Your blades never leave the premises.

Mobile sharpening is for select services!

(surgical instruments, shears/scissors, clipper blades, knives, small gardening tools)



Mail-In Service

Live outside of our travel zone?

Not a problem with our mail-in service. You can have your blades brought back to life no matter where in the U.S. you reside. Click Here for more information.

Drop Off

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment to drop your items off to us at our home-based workshop. We will contact you when your items are ready to be picked up (by appointment).

Larger items are not offered as part of our mobile service.

The following examples require to be dropped off at our home-based workshop: lawn mower blades, carbide saws, ice auger blades, reel mowers, etc.



Even if you have been to our home-based workshop previously, please respect our privacy and understand that we work from our home and people should not stop by unannounced for sharpening.



Sharpening is conducted with state of the art equipment and precise angling tools meant to fit each blade's purpose.


Using a specialized machine, both convex and beveled shears can be sharpened to a pristine edge.


A Precision machine is used to sharpen barber, beauty and small animal grooming clipper blades.

Clipper machine cleaning and maintenance service also available. 


The Blade Doctor is the only sharpener in the entire Capital Region with the proper, professional machine designed specifically for ice auger blades; Mora, Jiffy, Eskimo, Laser, Chipper.

Drop off your ice auger blades to

The Wiggly Worm, 885 Saratoga Road, Ballston Lake.


Schedule an appointment for The Blade Doctor to come to your dental, doctor, or vet office to sharpen your instruments. No longer will your hygienists/assistants/nurses take time away from their patients, no more shipping costs, no more waiting weeks to get your tools back in the mail. 


Unsure what to get the chef in your life? Are you a Salon manager unsure what to get your stylists for the holidays? The homemaker, the pet groomer, the barber, the gardener, the tailor/seamstress, quilter, and anyone in between that uses a knife or shears?

Blade Bucks are gift certificates available from The Blade Doctor so you can get that special someone just what they need to keep their blades sharp.

Click here for more information!

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