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The Blade Doctor - Gabriel

Gabriel Frankewich grew up in Middle Georgia. An avid hunter and fisherman from a young age, he quickly learned how to use different knives and sharpen them as they became dull. During his service in the US Army, his friends and fellow soldiers went to him to put an edge back on their combat blades and multi-tools. Later, he used his talent to sharpen the knives of restaurants where he worked.


In 2014, Gabriel, his wife and their four children moved to Beit Shemesh, Israel. He noticed the poor quality of some of the knives in the area and realized people were throwing away perfectly good knives to buy new ones; they were wasting time and money on something he could fix for a fraction of the cost. After sharpening knives for a few friends, word started to get out; And so, in 2015, The Knife Doctor was born and a Facebook page ( was created to help showcase his work. The Knife Doctor became well known throughout Israel for customer service and skilled sharpening.

In July 2017, Gabriel sold The Knife Doctor business and moved his family to New York State, to his wife's hometown area. Now the NYS Capital Region benefits from the same amazing service from...

The Blade Doctor


The Blade Doctor is available to sharpen for households, barbers/salons, groomers,  Veterinarians, Dental and Surgical, tailors/dressmakers, florists, the food service industry, landscapers, and more. He will come to your town, home, or business as a mobile service (select services only), you can schedule an appointment to drop your items off at our home-based workshop, or use the mail-in service.

All mobile and drop-off services are

by appointment ONLY


Utilizing top of the line equipment, your blades will be professionally sharpened to the appropriate angles, optimizing your cutting experience.

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