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The Blade Doctor, LLC., is the owner and distributor of

the Phantom Edge line of shears and clipper blades.

Phantom Edge is dedicated to providing exceptional cutting tools at reasonable prices.  The market trend of over-priced under-performance is not helping the professionals we serve in any way.

We make only one promise - to provide you with an excellent tool you can afford.


Our shears are individually checked and finished before you take ownership.

Most of our shears are nearly identical to similar brands selling for nearly triple our retail, or more.

Phantom Edge doesn't have massive promotion campaigns, advertising budgets, or sponsored artists to support.

Phantom Edge, as a brand, does not believe in hype or spin. We believe that our tools speak for themselves.


Feel free to contact Gabriel or Tricia for more information on this fantastic line of shears and clipper blades.


The Phantom Edge shop page is in the process of being updated and we will be going live soon.

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Our Silk Cut line of clipper blades are made from High Carbon Japanese Steel with a guaranteed Rockwell of about 62. This means, with proper care, you get longer life between sharpenings.

Check out our available PE Silk Cut Blades

Our blades come with the size printed on the blade.

Contact us for more information or to place your order.


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