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Do you own a business that uses carbide saws, chainsaws, lawn mowers, stump grinders? Do you have any of these for personal use? If the answer is yes, then you should know that all these items are able to be sharpened. Why buy new when The Blade Doctor can make your items "like" new?

Gabriel was expertly trained in industrial sharpening in order to bring you quality service and sharpening.

Offering sharpening of carbide saw blades up to 14 inches, saw chains, lawn mower blades, paper cutters and more.


Have a question about our services? Contact us via call/text

(518) 813-3664, email at, or Facebook message at

Many industrial sharpening shops don't take on customers with only a few blades, or blades that are smaller. The Blade Doctor is equipped to be your hometown sharpener. Don't waste money on buying new blades. Have your blades professionally sharpened to prolong their use.

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