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The Blade Doctor understands that whether you are preparing food for your family or a five star restaurant, sharp knives are instrumental tools for your food preparation.


Care and precision are needed when sharpening your knives. That's why The Blade Doctor uses quality equipment; the Tormek system is Swedish made and considered the top brand for proper sharpening.

Belt sanders and dry grinders can burn your blades if not used correctly. However, Belt sanders are good for removing major damage, lowering bolsters, or thinning the blade.


The Tormek sharpening machine is water cooled and runs only at 90 RPM, removing the minimal amount of steel required to repair the edge of your blade, ensuring the blade will not burn. The Blade Doctor also uses a precision angling tool and jig to adjust the angle for your specific needs and what is meant for the blade. 

Anatomy of a knife
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